Open Meditative Hatha Yoga Workshops @Maunulatalo

Veli-Matti Hurtig

15.11.2019 @ 19.30 – 21.00

Come and pop in a relaxing yoga practice every Friday evening in Maunula House. Tule joogaamaan avoimiin joogaharjoituksiin!

Meditative Hatha Yoga Prana Vidya focuses on spiritual work through systematic relaxation, the science of conscious breath (prana vidya), and meditation. It is hatha yoga with soft postures, ideal for people of all ages and most conditions who need to learn to relax and wish to work with their bodies in a very safe way. This yoga promotes better sleep and mood and higher levels of relaxation in your day. It helps both to alleviate depression and stress.

Bring your personal yoga mats and wear clothes that you are comfortable in.

As our teacher we have Manu Fern, who is a true professional and well experienced in the field of yoga.

No need to register but we kindly ask please send a message if you are coming: tel. 0405656096 / 0405654582

The event is organized in co-operation with Miitti and is part of Erasmus+ project Demos.