Cultivating Happiness @Maunulatalo

Veli-Matti Hurtig

15.11.2019 @ 17.30 – 19.00

Are you looking for ways to make your life more meaningful? This course will combine teachings from Buddhist and Hindu psychology and adapt them to our daily lives.

We will do several hands-on exercises and get familiar with the basic theory of the principles Paramitas (Perfections), Yamas (Cultivation of Social Harmony) and Niyamas (Cultivation of Personal Harmony). The exercises are concrete and connected to our daily life in order to become lighter, more fluid, flexible and happier people.

The topics of the sessions are:

1: Introduction and Perfection of Generosity
2: Perfection of Protecting Life
3: Perfection of Respecting Others’ Property
4: Perfection of Sexuality
5: Perfection of Truth
6: Perfection of Word of Agreement, Soft and Considerate Words, and Economy in Words
7: Perfection of Content
8: Perfection of Purity
9: Perfection of Self-Knowledge
10: Perfection of Patience
11: Perfection of Diligence
12: Perfection of Mental Calmness and Wisdom

We ask you kindly to let us know if you’re coming by sending a message tel. 0405656096 / 0405654582 . Otherwise no need to register.

The event is organized in co-operation with Miitti and is part of Erasmus+ project Demos.

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