Join us in organizing our first annual festival celebrating experimental culture!

Veli-Matti Hurtig Events

We’re looking for creative risk-takers, makers, hackers and experimenters to co-produce our first annual festival. Come and claim your space at Maunula House with your demo, mock-up or finished project, the crazier the better!

Maunula House will be hosting four festival weekends during 2018, each under a different theme. The first festival weekend will be held on 16th-18th of March with a theme celebrating experimental culture.

Would you like to run an insect café? Or test the limits of our sound system with an avant-garde noise set? How about showcasing that poem-reciting app you have just coded? If this sparked your interest or if you have something experimental like this already lined up, please don’t hesitate to send us your proposal here!

The deadline for proposals is 11th of February at 20.00. Maunula House staff will be in touch with all the applicants by Friday 17th of February. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Maunula House premises here. Bear in mind that Maunula House cannot pay any fees for the selected applicants.

Maunula House operates under participatory budgeting process where ordinary people get to decide how to allocate part of our annual budget. In 2017 as part of this process residents of the Maunula area voted for four annual festival weekends to be organized in Maunula House during the year 2018. The second annual festival will take place in early June with a retro theme, the third and fourth in the early and late fall respectively.

Questions? Call us at 09 310 20395 (weekdays 11-16) or by email heidi.aarnio(at)

The festival is organized in collaboration with City of Helsinki culture department.