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Jari from Pirkkola is realising his dream events at Maunula House

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Culture enthusiast Jari Halenius discovered inspiring things to do at Maunula House during his increased leisure time. Participation has brought many popular artists to the local cultural centre.

Planning activities together with locals is at the heart of Maunula House. Jari Halenius, living in Pirkkola next to Maunula, joined in a few years ago.

“I read online that Maunula House is looking for active residents to innovate activities for the centre. Since I’m close to retirement and I have more leisure time, I’m highly motivated to do something,” Halenius says.

There are various ways of participating at Maunula House at different stages of event organisation. Halenius has been the leading light in implementing his own events from idea to reality.

“Being on Maunula House’s advisory board has also been helpful. I’ve been one of the residents’ representatives since 2019. The advisory board decides on the centre’s shared policies and plans the operations,” Halenius explains.

Halenius wanted to have live music in the area. And he succeeded: Maunula House has hosted well-known Finnish artists such as Timo Tuominen, Jonna Tervomaa and Edu Kettunen.

 “One of the greatest events was the gig of Pirkkola-based musician Pave Maijanen with his son Vihtori. Sadly, it was also Maijanen’s last performance before he passed away,” Halenius says.

Halenius has presented his ideas for events directly to the staff of Maunula House, with whom he has implemented the concerts. Halenius has a background in music, which he has utilised here. However, no specific skills are required for participating in Maunula House’s activities. The staff is closely involved throughout the process.

“The old phrase ‘learning by doing’ applies here. Having passion for what you’re doing is key. Maunula House has an open atmosphere full of enthusiasm,” Halenius says, summarising the work.

Participating in Maunula House’s operations has provided him with a leisure activity he has longed for, and also allowed him to meet great new people. Seeing the results of your work – when you are watching an event you came up with and implemented – is rewarding.

“Large audiences and positive feedback are the best rewards for voluntary work. These moments also inspire me to arrange new events.”

We are looking for new ideas!

Maunula House’s search for ideas for next year has begun. You can join the planning by entering your idea and commenting on others’ suggestions on the Padlet service or on a paper form at the library.

The ideas will be processed and refined at the brainstorming workshops, which will result in event and development suggestions for 2022. In October, you will have the chance to vote for your favourite.

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