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We are making changes to the Metsäpurosali booking system. Unfortunately we can’t take any event suggestions before August 17th. Thank you for your understanding.

Maunula House is a newly founded community centre and event space for citizens of all ages and background to meet, mingle and spend their time together. Maunula House’s programme is guided by the concept of participatory planning where the users of the house are encouraged to proactively participate in the planning, development and execution of a major share of the events and activities taking place in our premises.

If you have an event in mind that you would like to organize in Maunula House, let us know! Keep in mind that we are looking for both the ideas and the people who make them happen – therefore please provide us with as many details about your event in the suggestion as possible.

Unfortunately Maunula House cannot pay any fees for the event organizers.

All suggestions are taken into account and reviewed approximately within one month.

Events that are open to the public has to be non-political and non-religious.

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Book Maunula House premises for your own use

Need a space for a conference meeting, art workshop or a round of ping pong? Find and book the premises at Maunula House for a variety of different purposes through City of Helsinki’s Varaamo.

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Metsäpurosali is a versatile event space with state-of-the-art sound and lighting system suitable e.g. for concerts, theatre & dance shows, film screenings, seminars, panel discussions and more. The total capacity of the hall is 200 people with 180 freely arrangeable floor seats.

Metsäpurosali is not available through Varaamo booking system. If you are interested in booking the hall, please fill our event suggestion form or call 040 194 2918 (weekdays 9-16). NB! The technical staff for sound and lighting needs to be hired separately for each event if needed (rates may vary according to the type of the event). Using your own technicians is also possible.

Metsäpurosali technical information and layout: Download PDF.

Exhibition spaces

Maunula House’s exhibition spaces are located on the second floor. The concrete exhibition walls are equipped with STAT hanging rail system.

In addition to the wall spaces, Maunula House provides HD screens and projectors (2nd & 3rd floor) for video installations as well as display cases (1st, 2nd & 3rd floor) for smaller sculptures and installations.

Maunula House accepts and evaluates exhibition proposals on a continuous basis. There are no specific deadlines at the moment. Send us your exhibition proposal through our event suggestion form. The exhibition spaces are available free of charge.

The measurements of the exhibition walls:

Concrete wall 1 (2F): height 318cm, width 486cm

Concrete wall 2 (2F): height (left) 318cm, height (right) 287cm (floor level partially inclined), width 578cm

Concrete wall 3 (2F): height 318cm, width 580cm