Maunula House

Maunula House is a community centre located at the edge of Maunulanpuisto park that offers a wide range of cultural and recreational services for everyone. At Maunula House, anyone can express themselves, try their hand at and learn new things and meet and learn from their peers. Everyone is welcome at Maunula House.

The diverse activities of Maunula House are to be organised by Helsinki City Library, the Youth Department and the Finnish Adult Education Centre in collaboration with the community centre’s users. The residents of Maunula have been taking part in this collaboration since the planning and construction of the community centre.

Maunula House serves as the first community centre in Helsinki to trial participatory budgeting. In participatory budgeting, some of the decision-making power and funds intended for developing operations are given to the users of the community centre. Participatory budgeting is used to create the foundations for the community centre’s operating plan and allocate resources based on users’ wishes. This allows municipal residents to be engaged in the annual planning of the community centre and all the stages of budget allocation: from idea generation and planning to voting and making decisions about activities.

Citizens can also participate in the operations of Maunula House through residents’ forums and as members of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board, along with the staff, is responsible for the operations of the community centre and consists of three members and three deputy members, who are selected annually.

The planning of the community centre’s operations for 2017 started in early 2016 with the gathering of ideas. The resulting survey was responded to by approximately 200 residents. In connection to the survey, 519 people also voted for the emblem of Maunula House, which can be seen below.

Maunula House

Metsäpurontie 4, 00630 Helsinki

  • Opened in December 2016
  • Resident cooperation project
  • Services provided by Helsinki City Library, the Finnish Adult Education Centre and the Youth Department.
  • Floor area 2,200m2
  • Designed by K2S Architects

Contact us

  • Library
    Anne Dikert, Chief Librarian
    +358 (0)50 402 5818
  • Finnish Adult Education Centre
    Satu Luomajoki
    +358 (0)9 310 88656
  • Youth Department
    Antti Sarpo, Executive Director
    +358 (0)41 512 1734

The Advisory Board of Maunula House

Department representatives:

Anne Dikert, Library
Heidi Aarnio, Library
Antti Sarpo, Youth Department
Tommi Ripatti, Youth Department
Satu Luomajoki, Finnish Adult Education Centre
Ilkka Pietilä, Finnish Adult Education Centre

Resident representatives:

Tapani Kontiala
Jegor Siljuk
Minna Tarkka

Deputy members of Resident representatives:

Paavo Kaipainen
Emilia Palonen
Markéta Pedronová